What Are Rock Lights?

How to choose rock light?

Although headlights and fog lights are useful to see the road around you at night, rock lights are designed to be installed underneath the vehicle so that drivers can see rocks and debris that might potentially cause damage to the vehicle.

What is the point of rock lights?

Rock lights are often used in off-road driving, but they have many other advantages as well. Among the best features of rock lights is their ability to provide drivers with excellent nighttime visibility so that athletes and recreational vehicle drivers alike can enjoy a sleek look while feeling safe at night

Why Do People Get Rock Lights?

People love rock lights for many reasons. The obvious one is that they look crazy and give your build just another dimension of intrigue. Rock lights are head-turning and make your build stand out. However, they can be functional as well. If visibility at night is especially important to you, they are another way to give you visibility and see the ground better below you.

How Do You Install Rock Lights?

Rock lights are a popular choice as an upgrade because they are fairly easy to install. They don’t usually require advanced tools or skills. Simply park your truck in a safe place, turn off the truck and disconnect the battery, install the rock light in your wheel well usually by drilling and screwing it in, and then run the wire leads up to the battery. Typically rock light kits include a splitter to run all of your leads into, and then just have 1 connector to plug in at the power harness. Repeat the install for each wheel well and adjust as needed, then hook the power harness up, reconnect the battery, and turn the truck on making sure they look how you want. This is just a simplistic and general idea of what goes into installing rock lights. Common “issues” when installing are the location for maximum light spread, and cleanly routing wires. Nobody likes the look of a rat’s nest of wires under the hood! As far as rock light placement goes, typically people will install 2 per wheel well, at about the 10 o clock and 2 o clock position. This gives the best overall light spread with one standard kit.

Are Rock Lights Safe?

Short answer: yes, they are safe. They won’t light your truck on fire, and they won’t explode. There are no guarantees in life, but this we can say pretty confidently. As long as you aren’t driving with them on, on the road you won’t have to worry about distracting others either if that is a safety concern for you.

Are Rock Lights Legal?

This brings us to our final question and the whole reason that this blog was made. Are they legal? Well, this will vary depending on the state that you live in. However, generally, there are a few main rules of thumb with rock lights:

-Don’t drive with them turned on on the road. (This can distract other drivers).

-Don’t use blue and red lights. (This can look like you are impersonating a cop).

-Typically white or amber lights are usually accepted as legal across the country, however, check with your city ordinances if you’re worried about legality in your specific area.

Outside of these rules, generally rock lights are quite legal.

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